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Eyelash Reviews: Are False Eyelashes the Most Ideal Solution?

Submitted on: Wed, 08 Feb 2012 01:43:50Views: 482
False eyelashes already managed coming a very long way ever since they were introduced for adding fake drama to eyes most of Hollywood’s starlets. Eyelash reviews have revealed that the present day false eyelashes are ranging from lashes that are individually applied to come up with a subtle glamorous look up to the full false eyelashes set to achieve breathtaking eyes which can beckon any onlooker.

False Eyelashes: What are They?

False eyelashes have been allegedly invented for about one century ago by D.W. Griffith, a popular movie director. For a certain movie that he made in year 1916, Griffith had wanted a few of his actresses having extra-long lashes, which was the reason why he requested makeup artists to attach some hair that has been trimmed from the wigs to the eyelids of the actresses.

However, the false eyelashes weren’t able to make it mainstream until 1960s, even if majority of the technological advances in them came around during the past two decades. The present day false eyelashes are now being made using silk, human hair as well as synthetic materials. Generally, the false eyelashes which have been made using synthetic materials can be considered as your cheapest option.

For attaching false eyelashes to your eyelid, there are now available adhesives that are specially formulated. Eyelash manufacturers are recommending the use of a similar adhesive brand as that of your false eyelashes to achieve the finest results.

Applying False Eyelashes

Learning the proper application of false eyelashes might take some amount of practice and time, according to eyelash reviews. Majority of the makeup experts are recommending the application of adhesive to the false lash or strip of lash before applying this on the eyelid wherein your natural eyelashes are emerging from your eyelid.

There are several users are experiencing irritation, itching and redness out of using adhesive for false eyelashes. It will be a great idea if you first try testing the adhesive on a certain unobtrusive skin spot to ensure that you will not experience any adverse reaction. Also, one condition that might also result from using false eyelashes is called traction alopecia, something that can result to natural eyelash loss.

In order to make sure if false eyelashes will be ideal for you, you should go through some eyelash reviews in order to be properly guided when making a decision about the specific product you should use.

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