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An Overview on Hazard Warning Signs and their Meanings

Submitted on: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 08:41:22Views: 298
Staying protected is very important in our everyday life. The issue of protection must be considered seriously especially from dangerous substances or area. Herein lies the importance of health and safety signs that we come across almost everyday. These are the signs that are generally found in areas like construction sites or laboratories or in containers containing dangerous items.

These safety signs help us to stay alert and ask us to be cautious when we are inside or passing through these sites. These hazard warning signs also contributes in making the concerned working place safe by communicating the potential hazard to the workers and visitors. Letâ??s take a look at the different types of these signs that we see in our everyday life.

One of the most common hazard warning signs that we find at hazardous substances are skull and crossbones. Though usually the meaning for this symbol stands for poison, in present times it means something which is very lethal and has the potentiality to harm. When you find this sign displayed in any container or box it means that if the concerned content of the container is inhaled or consumed it might lead to serious health injury or even death.

Another common safety signs that we see especially in factories is an image of black fan on yellow background. This sign communicates to onlookers that the concerned area has a radiation danger. Even though radiation is used by doctors to treat cancer patients, it poses health risk and thus protective clothing and masks are compulsory where there is a risk of radiation.

Prohibition signs are almost found in every office and public places like cafeteria, shopping malls, on roads etc. A list of popular prohibition signs include no trespassing, no smoking and no u turn. Everyone must understand that these are not only prohibition signs but also health and safety signs as it ensures overall safety of the area. For example if you take a U-turn where no U-turn sign is displayed you might be the cause of accidents that will not only risk your life but also others. Similarly, if you smoke in a no-smoking zone you might invite lot of trouble.

One of the most important health and safety signs that is mandatory in all public places and offices is fire safety signs. These signs direct people to the safest and nearest exit in case there is an unfortunate incident of fire. Added these signs also provides information on the next action people should take when fire breaks out.

Hazard warning signs can be used for communicating different types of potential hazards. As you can see there are different types of safety signs existing that can be used to alert the mind of the people when they are passing through the area it is important to understand the meaning of each of them. It is highly advisable to act according to the ideas generated by these health and safety signs to make sure that you stay safe always.

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