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Save lives with Photoluminescent signs

Submitted on: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 02:47:36Views: 366
Fire and Safety signs are of immense importance to save us from hazardous places. The Photoluminescent Signs are the latest high quality signs in this field which glow in the dark and such extensive range of signage includes Fire safety, Exit signs, Assembly signs and so many other kinds of signs.

The advantages of using Photoluminescent signs:

In the places of huge crowd, like any school, office, market, temple or any other public place when there is an emergency evacuation the Photoluminescent safety signs help to reduce panic and save people from getting trampled and injured. These signs are well lit and visible easily from long distance and prove to be very simple yet effective when these are placed at appropriate places where it is easy to catch attention of the public. It is wise to mark the doors which are non-exits so that people do not use the wrong doors in hurry. With proper marks you can save a lot of lives during fire or emergency evacuation. But the most important thing is to make sure that these signs are striking and well lit so that they can be seen in dark, during power cuts or in the smoky conditions caused by fire. Therefore, Photoluminescent safety signs come as perfect solutions.

The greatest advantage of Photoluminescent signs is they glow in the dark and require no battery power or electricity for operating. This kind of lights are self powered and get charged easily from the ambient light from your building’s lighting, thus using this kind of lighting you can save energy and create less waste and less pollution.

Since the Photoluminescent signs produce less pollution, they are eco-friendly and a "green" alternative which is good for our planet and at the same time for the future of society. In the darker areas and in emergency the best sign to use in is Photoluminescent sign.

These signs are totally reliable and maintenance free, thus using them the building owner can save a good amount of money. Having long life, these signs are able to perform for at least 25 years.

When you measure cost in terms of environmental impact and effectiveness the technology of photoluminescent safety signs is a great help in saving lives and environment.

In emergency the first thing to fail is electricity and you cannot rely on backup generator totally. When reliability and safety should be 100% during emergencies Photoluminescent signs ensure no sign failure when the lives of people are at stake.

Especially during fire emergency smoke obstruction becomes a great concern and any sign to be visible needs high visibility. The photoluminescent signs come with high visibility and lack of frail mechanical parts ensure that people can have a quick and safe exit from buildings.

Having "zero impact”, photoluminescent signs do not need wires and bulbs and are 100% recyclable. For an improved and efficient safety these signs are great alternative.

Lasting Impressions is a leading manufacturer of high quality Health & Safety signs including photoluminescent signs which are available at affordable prices. The fire and safety signs from Lasting Impressions are widely used in the prominent companies, stores, hospitals and stadiums across the UK and are mostly important for saving lives of people in crisis.

Terry G is a health and safety coach who has been training people about the need of maintaining health and safety at the workplace and at home as well. He has written many articles on various health and safety signs including Photoluminescent safety signs. Here he is providing some valuable information on Photoluminescent signs. For more information to visit

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