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The Definition of Anxiety

Submitted on: Fri, 04 Jan 2013 00:19:28Views: 425
Anxiety Basics: The Definition of Anxiety

If every one of us would just go through life having no worries, then no one would actually care about the results of his or her actions, our impact on society and what other people think about us. Anxiety and stress are vital mechanisms to us as humans as they allow us to perceive risks and according to them, adjust our behavior. When fear will exceed a certain limit though, it will no longer yield a functional benefit to our everyday lives.

If the anxiety is too much, then you will find yourself frozen in situations upon which you will dwell so much that you’ll lose all sense of time and even space and thus get blocked in a corner of your mind, by the small problem you’re facing that in your mind appears like a an unbreakable barrier. For example if you have anxiety about crossing a railroad track, then even when there will be no trains coming, you will still feel that fear. If you will attempt to cross it, you will imagine that one will come right away and maybe go over you.

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