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What is Depression ! Cure Depression with lifestyle changes.

Submitted on: Mon, 04 Mar 2013 06:01:12Views: 436
I am going to write this article because i have been suffering and fighting depression for some years and i can define it better for those who are also suffering with it and those who want to prevent it and for those who are seeking best medical treatment by adopting simple methods. Basically, depression is a curable disease and the next phase of anxiety. Anxiety is not a bad thing i.e. you entered your home and you saw a burglar there or your bike/car has been stolen somewhere but when it constantly becomes overwhelming and it start interfering your relationship and day to day activities it becomes depression or anxiety disorder. In clinical depression one feels like mood disorder, sadness, weight loss/gain, anger/negative thinking, frustration in everyday life for weeks/months or longer that weakens their immune system, making the body to other medical illnesses.

Depression Symptoms
Kindly assess and answer yourself by reading below question.
1 ) Have you started doing things lazily?
2 ) Do you feel yourself hopeless and helpless?
3 ) Do you feel difficulty in anything that requires concentration and attention?
4 ) Do you have lost all the joys and happiness from your life?
5 ) Do you get yourself ambiguous in making decisions?
6 ) Do you have lost interest in achieving the goals in your life that were important for you?
7) Do you are spending sad and unfruitful life?
8 ) Do you keep moving around alone and restless?
9 ) Do you feel tiredness?
10 ) Do you have started putting extra effort in doing simple daily basis tasks?
11 ) Do you blame yourself in this situation?
12 ) Do you feel unsuccessful in life?

If you you want read more in details please click What is Depression

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