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Submitted on: Wed, 09 Feb 2011 09:17:19Views: 524

Thin, wrinkled, and pale lips can make women look and feel older than they are. Some women are born with thin lips while others begin to see a loss of fullness and color as they age. Although this problem is the result of natural forces, it doesnâ??t make it any less annoying. Thin lips can make women feel self-conscious and older than they feel. Some women have turned to injections as an answer to their problem, but his can be very costly and many women have left the doctor with bulges, lumps, or, worst of all, lips that look swollen and completely unnatural.

There have been several attempts over the past few years to engineer a topical product that can help women achieve a fuller, plumper mouth without the risk of surgery. These products have had varying degrees of success. However, Maxolip, manufactured by Dermagevity, a leader in anti-aging beauty products, has been shown to be a premier product in the fight against thin or aging lips. Besides endless amounts of testimonials by satisfied costumers, Maxolip contains a highly potent blend of scientifically proven ingredients designed to increase circulation and blood flow. Hereâ??s how it works:

Hyaluronic Acid

Many people get nervous when they see the word acid associated with anything having to do with their face. However, hyaluronic acid (HA) is actually something that you body naturally produces as a way to cushion joints and strengthen connective tissues. However, scientists and doctors have recently discovered that HA can be reproduced and has been found to help people rebuild tissue and heal faster and with less scarring.

Although HA has some pretty serious benefits in the medical community, it also has some amazing qualities in the beauty community as well. HA helps people heal more quickly and prevents joint issues because it speeds up the regeneration of new cells and increases blood and nutrient flow to affected areas. Similarly, using a beauty product, such as Maxolip, that contains HA will help bring cell regeneration and blood flow to the treated area. In the case of your lips, HA helps bring plumping blood flow to the lip area as well as helping lips look younger with the regenerating of new cells.

Methyl Nicotinate

Methyl nicotinate is a pretty powerful substance that independent researchers have found is a potent topical treatment to increase blood flow. Methyl nicotinate, when applied to the skin has an almost instantaneous effect. The product affects the blood vessels and capillaries closest to the epidermis. Methyl nicotinate causes blood to rush to those vessels and capillaries and fill them. This causes a slight swelling in the treated area. Because Maxolip contains a potent but safe dose of this ingredient, women see almost immediate plumping results.

Besides thinning and loss of fullness, another issue that many women feel makes them look older is loss of color in the lips. Another effect of methyl nicotinate is that it causes a flushing or reddening of the treated area. Just as increased blood flow helps plump areas, it also gives them a rosey color.

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