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Benefits of Implementing Group Therapies

Submitted on: Mon, 06 May 2013 02:36:31Views: 346
A type of psychotherapy, group therapies work with several people simultaneously. Also available at the private treatment practices, these are available at multiple locations. Sometimes the group may congregate to solve an individual problem and sometimes they work together to achieve a common goal. They are supportive and understand that to achieve the objective, they have to work with the therapists together. The groups can have one to two therapists who would address to the requirements of those present in the group. Sometimes it is used alone, to treat an individual. A comprehensive treatment plan is integrated within this therapy. The groups follow a strict regimen of medications and lifestyle.

The Family Constellation Workshop (familieopstellingen workshop) is also a group therapy wherein an individual’s difficulties are resolved. With doctors believing that every action is related, and each generation of a family is interconnected, this treatment helps in restoring the relationship. The present predicament of a patient can often be related to the previous occurrences or events. The treatments help in identifying this problem or the mishap. The therapy helps in re-establishing Order of Love by recreating situations and helping to cope to the situation. The individual solves the problem and thereby is treated wherein the irresolute matter is solved with tactful handling and medications. It is not necessary to involve the family, however, support of the family is expected during the treatment. The doctors believe that the problems associated with the patient are the direct result of the past actions.

The following are some of the principles that are integrated in group therapies. These principles are derived from reports of individuals who were already involved with this group therapy process: The first thing that group therapy does is instil hope. Since each member of the group are at different levels of the treatment process, it is inspiring to see others already recovering from the same difficulty. The group therapy helps in establishing the universality of the problem and shows people that they are not alone in facing the problem. The group therapy helps in sharing of information. The trust build within the group enables the members in sharing their weakness. This further motivates self-esteem and confidence. This group manifests itself as the primary family. Each member is connected and thereby can analyse other people’s behaviour, experience and personality. Other than this, the group effectively develops the socialisation techniques. Since they are supportive and safe, practicing the behaviour is not harmful. These can initiate imitative behaviour and even interpersonal learning. There is an overall development of the group and each member therein. The other things that group therapy boosts are group cohesiveness. This is because of the common objective of the group, which is efficacious in relieving stress, pain, and guilt.

Each group can constitute of different number or people. They can be small as three to four or can range within seven to twelve. The schedule of their meetings are fixed, which ranges two times a week for an hour or two. There are psychiatrist who assign the number of sessions to six, however, this up to the discretion of the therapist. The meetings can be closed or open depending the topic and comfort of the members. The session is conducted in accordance on the objective of the group and therapists analysis. The therapists are encouraged to keep a free style of dialogue that enables the member to participate as their requirement. Sometimes the therapists also plan some activities that manifests as treatment modalities.

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A (Family Constellation Workshop) familieopstellingen workshop is one of the group therapies wherein an individual is treated for the current quandaries. Based on the philosophies of Bert Hellinger, the treatment is meted out to solve problems and thereby re-establish the relationship.

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