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Tips for Choosing Homecare Agencies

Submitted on: Thu, 06 Oct 2011 05:21:57Views: 513
The transition to old age is often fraught with a whole host of challenges for the elderly. Degenerative illnesses along with the rigors of old age can take their toll. As a result, many seniors require the professional assistance and monitoring offered by homecare agencies to help them lead an enjoyable retired life. Even independent seniors in relatively good health may have difficulties with daily tasks, and can benefit from homecare services in one way or another.

Homecare agencies provide numerous support services to enable seniors to lead fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes. The services provided by homecare agencies typically include companionship, meal services, home repair, personal assistance in maintaining hygiene, medication management, transportation, and more.

Here are five tips for choosing the best homecare agencies for your loved one.

  • Prepare a list of your needs and requirements: Take time to assess their daily needs and create a comprehensive list. Do they need companionship? Help with preparing meals? Assistance with daily activities such as toileting, dressing, and bathing?

  • Create a job description: Write out a job description based on your list. Ensure that you spell out all of your requirements clearly. For instance, if your loved one needs help running errands, note that the homecare professional must have a valid driverâ??s license.

  • Create a job contract: A job contract is a document you create based on the job description. It should include all of your terms and conditions. Most reputable homecare agencies will already have a terms and conditions agreement, but make sure it includes your loved oneâ??s unique needs. Specify job details such as the number of hours needed per week, the wages, and how the payment will be made. Donâ??t forget to include unacceptable behaviors. For example, will you permit the homecare agencyâ??s caregiver to smoke in the home?

  • Conduct a screening: Most homecare agencies perform thorough background checks on their employees, but it is always a good idea to get a clear understanding of the person who will be caring for your loved one. You obviously donâ??t want anyone with a criminal record or a history with substance abuse to be responsible for your senior loved oneâ??s well-being. Ask specific questions to understand the extent of the background checks. Do they include blood tests? Speaking with former employers? Driving records?

  • Ask questions: Donâ??t be shy about asking homecare agencies a lot of questions. Every company is different, so itâ??s important to inquire about all of the services offered and whether the homecare agency is able to meet all of your requirements.

  • Following these basic yet effective tips can help you hone in on the most desirable homecare agencies and ensure that your loved one is in good hands.
    Learn more about the services provided by homecare agencies by visiting or calling 877.422.2270.

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