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Android Application Development 5 Advantages of Hiring Android App D

Submitted on: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 01:26:52Views: 323
The market now offers a variety of smart phones through which one can easily have accesses to the virtual world of internet. If the business has a website that is compatible with the desk top PC but not compatible with the operating system and the platform of the smart phone the users of the smart will not be able to access the website. Ultimately it is the loss of the website not the smart phone user. Most of the smart phones are based on Android platform.

Some of the prominent advantages of Android application development are as follows

High return on investment:
The developer incurs minimal investment on using the android platform. The main reason for this is that the licensing fee is inexpensive. This means that the android application can be developed with very less expenses. The list of the possible expenses includes development charges, charges for testing, royalty fees and charges for the testing devices.

Business Growth:
The Android applications are bases on Java, the basic language. This insinuates that Android is one of the most robust and trustworthy languages for application development. Thus android applications are trustworthy and effective too. There are many technocrats who know the utility of Java. This means that the android application can be developed at an affordable price and along with it assures generation of revenue. This gives a chance to the business to grow.

Once the android application is developed there are various ways to distribute it and make it available to the final users. One can get it sold through 3rd party stores like the Google. The other alternative is creating an exclusive network to promote the sales of the applications developed. This is not a monopoly market. On the other hand the market is quite open.

The android platform is open source. No money needs to be spent for availing the licenses to work on it. The royalty is absolutely free. As such there are no restrictions. The basic Software Development Kit (SDK) being open source, everyone can have accesses to the updates. One can even give feedback on it. The applications can be monetized because one can customize the applications. The android applications are excellent for the manufacturers of handsets and those who operate d the wireless.

The Android application development is excellent for the integration of intern applications. Android is the most appropriate option if one wants a set of applications developed and wants them to be integrated or cross promoted. Android facilitates the creation of network between the applications. This gives a very comfortable experience between the application and the final user.

It is advisable to avail the services of a professional adept android application development company.

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