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How to maintain cordless drill batteries?

Submitted on: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 07:11:23Views: 418
If you have your own workshop and you love working yourself you must be aware of the fact that how important it is to have cordless drill batteries. By using cordless drill you can do number of house hold things easily and quickly therefore itâ??s important to buy a good and high quality cordless drill. Also, donâ??t forget to take close look on batteries while purchasing a cordless drill. Batteries should be durable, long lasting which can perform well and work for long hours. Cordless drills are used for number of purposes like repairing your home, remodeling addition, furniture repair and other woodwork projects. So along with good quality cordless drills itâ??s imperative to have good batteries as well because many home projects needs use of cordless drill and good batteries will help you complete your work easily and in less time. There are chances that your battery may stop working in the middle of your project, to avoid such situations, one way is to check that your batteries are fully charged before you use them and other way is to buy the best batteries for your cordless drill which can last long while you are working and they donâ??t need to be replaced sooner. To make sure that your batteries work properly you can follow the below tips-

1. New batteries- A new cordless drill always comes with a battery which is in discharged condition and you need to charge it. Make sure you charge it fully or instead you can charge it twice so that it can give its best outcome.

2. Utilize your batteries- If you will not use the batteries for long time they will eventually become defected. Therefore, you should make sure that you use them often which will help you to improve the life of your cordless batteries. However, if you have already left it inactive, you need to follow the same charging procedure like you do with a new battery.

3. Maintain your batteries- Its imperative to clean your batteries with alcohol and a cotton swap on regular basis or whenever you use them to keep your batteries in a good condition.

4. Storage- Even if you are not using the batteries quite often, makes sure you always keep the batteries in a cool, dry place and avoid placing them near metal and heat. You should not store the battery for more than three months in order to get the best performance.

If you follow all the above tips, you will get the best results from your cordless drill batteries only if itâ??s not already defective. If you need to replace or buy the battery, to ensure high quality and performance you can buy it from a trusted brand because no reputed company would like to lower down their reputation by selling bad quality or defective batteries. Also, when purchasing a battery remember that the performance and durability of your battery depends on the performance and durability of your drill and to get the best results from battery you need to have a good charger too.

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