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What are the uses of flux core solder?

Submitted on: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 07:35:30Views: 431
Solder wire is commonly used for manual soldering work and itâ??s a metal alloy that has two or more metals which are combined to produce a single metal. It is very well known for its benefits of combining together other types of metal by heating it by the process of heating it to its melting point to create a liquid bond before cooling it to its former stiffness. There are different types of solders available in the market like lead and tin, gold, silver, zinc, nickel and rosin-core solder. As the name suggests these wires are used for physical soldering operations and also if you wish you can use them in automated purposes like die attach soldering and so on. There is different types solder wire like flux core solder and also it can be a used as a separate flux.

Flux core solder is a sort of metallurgy element that is used while the process of soldering two metals together. Flux is a motionless material that is responsible to prevent the development of metal oxides at intense temperatures. Flux is used in the process of soldering of joining two metals together and the process takes place below 800 degrees F. Brazing is another process where flux is used while joining the metal in between the melting temperatures which are above 800 degrees F. Flux used almost in every process like even in Welding, welding is the method of joining separate metals by melting the pieces together while adding a flux in between. With all the above mentioned points, it is clear that flux is filler metal that is used in various processes like soldering, brazing and welding and also it is responsible to prevent oxidation of the surfaces and it prevents the metal from being attached. With the help of oxidation the process of joining the metal deteriorates and that when flux comes in picture it is used to make the process stronger. Depending on the metals you want to join, you can choose from the variety of flux available in the market.

If you end up choosing the correct flux, there are fewer chances that you will come across any failures and also youâ??ll be able to clean the joint. The most important thing is to choose the right king of flux and solder combination which is eventually make your process of joining a success. However, if you wish to solder common household items all you need to do is to grab a tin-lead mixture with rosin core. If you are not certain of using the correct device it is always advised to consult an electrician ones. Most of the professional fluxes contain metals that can be toxic to human body and it happens even more when you use them in processes like soldering. It is important to take precautionary measures while doing such processes. While you do soldering make sure there is adequate ventilation where ever you do it and also it is important to not drink, smoke or eat till the process is complete and if you want to do that make sure you wash your hands first and then do it.

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