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Corporate Computer Crime private Investigator for Social Network track

Submitted on: Sat, 14 Apr 2012 01:00:04Views: 516
Now-a-days, computer related crimes have rising severely. Everybody is involving themselves in to computer and internet to do their jobs easily and within a short period of time. Some people are also taking the advantages of misusing this. So security is necessary to escape from cyber crimes. Moreover, lack of robust computer or cyber security related laws has also jeopardized the situation. Also, it is a fact that there is very low number of prosecutions in these areas because of the obscure background of this area.

We are here California based leading investigative unit, Optimal Intelligence, provides premium computer surveillance services along with Computer Forensic Investigation, Email Tracking and Social Network Tracking to counter computer related crimes. Normally, there are two kinds of surveillance namely physical and computer those are used in computer crime investigations. Physical surveillance is done at the time of the abuse, through surveillance hidden cameras and is performed usually undercover. On the other hand, Computer surveillance is carried out in a number of ways. In an active way it is done through electronic monitoring like network sniffing and keyboard monitoring.

The highly competent investigators of Optimalintelligence, specializes in computer forensic investigation, to track down the suspects involved. Computer forensic relates to the study of computer systems with the help of advance forensic tools & processes. Optimalintelligence possesses high level of expertise in magnetic media storage devises and related forensic data recovery. The process is carried out in a systematic manner starting from recovery of forensic data by bit by bit acquisition process so as to retain the reliability of the subject by prohibiting contamination.

With the increase in popularity of social network applications, hackers round the world have been indulged in crimes like identity & data theft and hacking of computers etc. Optimal Intelligence team of cyber security expert’s use sophisticated techniques like email tracking and social network tracking to identify the source location of the crime and identity of the suspect. This is achieved with the assistance of companies providing such applications and tools and in accordance with Federal US Federal Cyber Laws. If it happens to be that you are an enterprise or individual who is a victim of cyber crime, we will provide you with most cost-effective and concrete solution as far as countering cyber related crimes.

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