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What is Family Law?

Submitted on: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 00:21:37Views: 414
Family law is a branch of the law that deals with family matters including marriage, civil unions, divorce, and domestic partnerships, division of marital property, taking surrogates, adoption, child abuse, and child abduction, valuation of marital property, alimony and also child custody. In family law we have different categories of attorneys that have specialized in handling all the genres of this law.
A family law attorney deals with all cases involving marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption, and pre-nuptials. The attorneys who have specialized in any of these branches of the law are in the family lawyers’ category.

Business attorneys handle all matters money and this is basically your business legal matters. It is advised that one should have a business attorney ready to offer legal advice about your business affairs. It is not right to wait till dispute arises for one to start looking for a business attorney because it will be expensive to get one last time and not as thorough as one would want it to be. One should always have a business attorney to offer legal advice on a day to day basis in case you need to buy property, invest money or basically knowing the status of your wealth.

Child custody attorney tackles matters of children when parents separate or there is need for child support. The attorney determines who of the parents is best suited to handle the child’s best interests. A private child custody attorney may be expensive depending on how long it takes to settle the case but one can be entitled to a lawyer by the family court if they are unable to meet the private lawyer retainer fee. When one is getting such an attorney he/she needs to make sure they can relate well and the lawyer is able to train them on what to do so that the court may rule in their favor.

Divorce attorneys deal with all legal matters involving separation of spouses. When hiring divorce attorneys one has to be really careful because you want to get an experienced attorney whom you trust his or her abilities. Therefore one should inquire what their hourly rate is before you hire them. Also one should be able to communicate with their attorney and hence it should be someone they are comfortable with. A person with expertise is good because they will be able to handle the different categories of divorce that there are.

A criminal defense attorney represents people who have been accused of committing a crime. The aim of a criminal defense attorney is to make sure that the person he is representing gets all protections the constitution accords an individual as he awaits the state to prove the case. His objective is to ensure that his client is found not guilty. In such cases one needs an aggressive attorney who will be responsible top proving them not guilty because when one is convicted of a criminal offense there is so much you have to lose.

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