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AeroSource - Intro

Submitted on: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 11:26:09Views: 489
You may have met the creators; now letâ??s meet the planes. AeroSource invites you to travel back to the era when we had a completely different breed of Air Crafts. They were neither sleek, nor overwhelmingly complex; but they were hardened machines which are forefathers of todayâ??s F-22 Raptors and MiG-29s. Join us as we take an in-depth look at some of these classic airplanes and find out the unique circumstance under which they were designed and built. Also discover the epic changes that followed in their blueprints, and more importantly, who was responsible for them. Find out about the brilliant minds, scientist and engineers, who helped develop these machines, how they made used of the simplest of techniques and created aircrafts that were to lay foundation for the future aviation as we know it today. These planes did have some rather unorthodox pioneering tricks up their sleeves.
AeroSource divulges deep into the Second World War period when this revolution started, and the Cold War era when it reached its climax. It was during the arms races of these time periods that competition thrived, innovation flourished, and as a result some of the most interesting and peculiar airplanes got the opportunity to take the skies. With AeroSource, you can view high-resolution images of aero plane models which are featured in our videos and documentaries, and have been digitally mastered and enhanced for your liking and viewing pleasure. We offer a vast array of aircrafts that you can inspect, and the list is constantly updated; naturally it will be a good idea to check back as soon as you can.
Reading about history is one thing, but witnessing it is a different feeling altogether. AeroSource takes the experience to whole new level with never before seen images, and unique information and facts that you have never come across before.
AeroSource - letâ??s start from the start.

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