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astrological cunsaltancy for Moon:

Submitted on: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 02:38:24Views: 515
The Moon signifies mother and denotes softness, charming eyes, steady mind, generosity, menses, infants, love, pleasures, breasts, family life, beauty, watery places and passions. Moon sign is generally used to forecast the future which is more reliable than Sun sign.

In a birth chart, when posited in

1st house makes one sensitive, restless,

imaginative, and inclined to public life. Likes change in residence, profession and employment, etc. Of intuitive and perceptive mind.

In 2nd house, changeable finances, success in business with general public, helpful friends, wealthy, loved by opposite gender, gain through mother.

In 3rd house, one is learned, confident, intuitive, and fond of new surroundings, travels, social and knowledgable. One has good friends and pleasurable company.

In 4th house, attachment with parents, changeable circumstances and residence. Gain from parents, opposite gender and domestic life.

In 5th house, good sons, intelligent, enjoys life like a minister. Public success. Fond of children and opposite gender.

In 6th house, one has afflicted health; gain by serving others and in service. Gains through servants. Success with small animals.

In 7th house, one has good look, loved by women but of changeable affection. Of liberal views.

In 8th house, when well aspected gain through wife; is rich, intelligent, life full of enjoyment. Gain in public life and finances also.

In 9th house, the person becomes prosperous, virtuous and victorious. Fond of travels, publication, wealth and lives abroad.

In 10th house, changeable profession, is rich, has great connections. Inclined to public life. Rise and down fall in life.

In 11th house, long life, wealthy, high minded, respected, learned and blessed with power and authority, unreliable friends.

In 12th house, love of occultism, mysteries and romance. Secret missions, discreet love affairs.

The above mention details about western astrology and Hindu astrology are given by World Famous Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji. He is having thousands of clients and devotees worldwide who takes his astrological consultancy .
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