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Benefits of Joining the Bellevue Baptist Church Family

Submitted on: Mon, 07 Oct 2013 01:42:30Views: 364
Most people attend church during weddings and baptisms among other special occasions. However, church need not to be set aside for special occasions. When you become part of the Bellevue Baptist Church family, you stand to gain a lot in the spiritual, psychological and social sense.

Church is not an exclusive club for a certain group of righteous individuals. On the contrary, it is the only gathering where everyone, regardless of the social status, education, lifestyle choices, race, etc., are invited to come together for the sole purpose of helping each other grow in every aspect of their life.

If there is one thing that draws multitudes of people to the church, it’s the encouraging and positive sermons that they receive every Sunday morning. There is not even one aspect of life that sermons preached by Pastor Steve Gaines have not touched. As a result, the congregation has over time gained a better understanding of their relationship with themselves, other people and most importantly God. The messages will be a blessing to you and will add value to your life.

The positive input is, however, not limited to Sunday morning sermons. You can also share and gain Christian understanding by watching sermons on the Bellevue Baptist blog, joining life groups, attending church conferences or even having a friendly conversation with a fellow church member over coffee. Church members have really been blessed by having a group of like-minded people around them who encourage them and speak truth into their lives which in turn have a positive impact in their lives.

The Bellevue family also offers a strong support network. Unlike in the past when several generations of a family lived on the same street and formed strong communal bonds with its neighbors, society today has become more separated and fragmented. Fortunately, you can still find a strong, supportive community within the church. The church community provides a support network for members who are suffering from illness or have ill family members, and generally any member going through hard times in their life.

Of course, among the most important reasons for joining a church family is finding God’s love. Some church members had spent years wandering through life feeling empty and seemed like things didn’t quite fit. Even though they couldn’t put their finger on what it was that was missing, they knew they wanted something more out of life. This is one of the main reasons that was key in many church members attending church to listen to Pastor Steve Gaines share fulfilling messages. Through his messages, Pastor Steve Gaines has helped church members realize God’s love for them and make Him a part of their lives. This new understanding has changed church members’ lives for the better, dramatically changing how they view themselves and others.

If you don't regularly attend church and haven’t been for a long time, you are encouraged to attend Bellevue Baptist Church this Sunday. You will certainly be blessed and you might just realize that church really is the best place to be on Sunday mornings.

Caleb Bentley is the author of this article on Bellevue Baptist. Find more information, about Bellevue Baptist Blog here

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