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Experience spirituality in a piece of gift

Submitted on: Thu, 03 Nov 2011 03:12:36Views: 439
Spirituality-a term we often say during our visit to any sacred place or during our sole engagement with GOD through our thoughts and deeds. Being spiritual indicates us to be pure from heart, true to ourselves and others, helpful to others, our good deeds etc .To be with the inner meaning, itâ??s really not important to feel spiritual only at the time of festivals or during a visit to any holy place but itâ??s a gradually developing inner sense of our own soul to be a perfect and flawless human being .If in doing so, any material or any thought is thrusting us to feel it more strongly then it acts as an extra advantage. Whatâ??s better if the thing is a piece of gift?
Let us take the example of spiritual gifts which serve the purpose of Godâ??s intimacy and fun both at the same time. Being spiritual doesnâ??t mean to be materialistic in the outer world but it is to connect oneself with the God through inner beauty and self improvement. These includes truth, knowledge, wisdom, help, compassion, cooperation etc which in real are not at all visible but perhaps the actual true gifts, if given to someone . They cheer out a person both from inside and outside the heart thereby impinging high quality human values in him. To be very honest on oneâ??s part, itâ??s really not mandatory to present such gifts only during some special happenings but the whole life is a good time to excel someone with such precious and valuable piece of gifts. The main issues of purifying oneâ??s ill and negative deeds into positive and healthy thoughts, to actually experience the beauty of occasion and life can be easily cover up with these gifts.
During Christmas, we all try to enjoy in the maximum level, leaving all the worries out of our life. Gifts add beauty and completeness to this occasion. And if these gifts are according to the need and theme of the occasion then at the same time, they signify the inner motto of celebrating festivals also. Itâ??s the best time to surprise one with the Christian gifts which includes Jesus Christ statues, paintings, sculptures, holy books etc to let others feel a bit spiritual and affectionate towards god at one side and a feeling of love and gesture from the close one on the other side. The holy bible, rosaries, olive wood products etc induces a feeling of love in us, towards God and a thought to come close to Him with a touch of his presence in our life. Thus we can feel some unknown supernatural power always with us to both save and bless us. Actually it is our inner strength and positive hopes which let us enjoy and cherish each and every moment of the life leaving behind all the sins of our life and converting it into good deeds.
There always a reason behind everything we do .In being spiritual also, the reason is to feel calm and warm with Godâ??s care and his blessing. If any gift helps to fill the void between God and humans, then to take a chance of giving such precious and thoughtful gifts, is a wise decision indeed. So, let whatever is the day, celebrate your life with closeness to God and your own crystal clear honest deeds.

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