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Gifts with a different touch

Submitted on: Tue, 25 Oct 2011 02:03:48Views: 449
We all wish to be loved by others and in return, our action towards that particular person shows our feeling for him. In our hectic life schedule we are not free at all to even enjoy our leisure period properly then how will we get enough time for anyone else? But we can get relief when we are with our close ones. The customs and rituals add its importance to the above saying. These are the most valuable and joyful time in a personâ??s life. With all the loved ones close to us, we feel as if we are the most contend people of the world. Even at the same time we are having a chance to get attached with the all in all â??the God. Donâ??t you guys agree with it!
Now to enjoy the rituals and occasions, Gifts play an important role in it. Can you imagine a festival or a birthday without gifts? NO, Never! Actually they give completeness to our likings and enjoyment .What do you say? Even if we are not engaged in any occasion then also gifts are always welcome .The main theme is to be happy and let other s happy. For example, when we are talking about Christmas, actually a festival of Christian community but being celebrated by whole world irrespective of cast and crews, we all are in a mood of joy and fun along with a sense of thanks to god for whatever he had done to us and an urge for his pure blessings. How it is if we are bagged with not mere so called gifts but something which is really special and close to our heart. A box of Christian spiritual gifts like that of Jesus Christâ??s statue, sculptures, rosaries, bible, holy water etc not only serve the purpose of making others happy but provide touch and closeness of God also. They help to strengthen our inner sense and a feeling of avoiding the wrong in our life by making us proceed further with all positivity and freshness of mind. The holy water, the Jesus momentous, the olive wood products all are a part of this which acts as a medium to be near to that almighty. The general values of human beings like love, knowledge, care, help, and truth are some of the benefits of this gifts which helps to feel the warmth of God. The inborn human values, the tradition, the culture all leads us to behave and act accordingly. Now if in gifts also, we are getting the same touch, then it serves as a shower of godsâ?? grace to us. This gift helps to rediscover ourselves and to achieve peace of mind. Gifts can be given anytime to anyone; itâ??s really baseless speaking about purpose or religion just to celebrate happiness. Actually they help to purify our soul with all positive hopes and if we can blend all good and bad of ours in a piece of gift with an extra touch of Godâ??s love then I think, itâ??s the best way of celebrating any festival.
So, whenever we are feeling of celebrating any occasion, and we want to surprise our loved one with some difference, giving a thought of Christian gifts literally and devotionally may sort out the problem of being distinct among others. Actually staying happy is the sole issue.

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