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Submitted on: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 03:13:12Views: 443
sun’s position in a horoscope is most important but baffles many serious lovers of astrology.

In newspapers, journals, magazines and other literature, forecasting weekly events are based on Sun sign, viz.

the position of Sun in your horoscope at birth time.

There are two types of dates based on Western Astrology as per Sayana System and on Hindu Astrology based on Niryana System.

The reader who checks the position of Sun sign in his birth chart will find Sun sign different in both cases.

In Hindu Astrology, the Sun sign is based on Niryana System, which will be followed in this book. Usually, there is a difference of one sign in either system.

According to Hindu system, Sun enter Aries on 13th April, on Vaisakha a Hindu month and this day is called “Baisakhi”.

From the table, you will also find that names of Indian months are in consonance with the Nakshatras in which Moon travels during the sign period.

All things are interconnected in Hindu system of Astrology.

Due to elliptical orbit Poornima (Full Moon Day) does not take place in same position or in the same Nakshatra every year.

For instance, moon in Poornima in the month of Maghsar may be in Aridra or Mrigasira Nakshatra.

So the month of Agrahayana has another name Maghsar.

Sun signifies father, courage, power and authority, finances, ambitions, boldness, politician, commanding power, dignity, generosity and kind heartedness. Also optimism, administrator, general success, royalty, real love and personality of the native. When afflicted reserve results.

Sun in Ascendant is most auspicious. If the person is born with it in 1st house he will be bold, generous and healthy. Bold to face odds in life, of practical nature. Commanding voice and will gain through inheritance.

Sun in 2nd house will make the person rich, earning through self efforts, voracious eater, gain through Government, and persons in authority. Will hold a good position. Generous, social, fond of opposite gender and courageous.

In 3rd house great strength, fame, wealthy, success in travels, helpful to relations. Bold and bounded by family ties. Good manners and rise in life. Of constructive actions and thoughts. Popular in life.

In 4th house, one will have land, buildings, gain through inheritance, and chance of honor in later period of life. Intelligent and brave.

In 5th house, honorable and successful attachments, social and of pleasure-loving nature. Good education; progeny will be less. Gain through judicious speculations.

In 6th house it denotes impaired health. Gain in service. Will have opponents and enemies.

In 7th house Sun indicates late marriage, disharmony in married life, changes in life. Relations with opposite gender.

In 8th house health will not remain good. Gain of money through illegal ways. Death can be violent. Early death of father.

In 9th house, gives prestige and position. Favors the company of right and religious persons. Luck in foreign countries.

In 10th house, it is very good for power and authority. Industrious and royal life. Ambitious and blessed with all comforts of life.

In 11th house, indicates easy money, contact with eminent persons, will be wealthy and rich. Kingly status. Popular among friends.

In 12th house, occult and psychic tendencies. Success over enemies, may li9ke seclusion, should safeguard against fraud, enmity. Unexpected events in life will happen. False friends and accusations.

The above mentiondetails about western astrology and Hindu astrology are given by World Famous Astrologer Hemant Sharma ji. He is having thousands of clients and devotees worldwide who takes his astrological consultancy .
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